MagicLinen Bedding Review - Should You Switch From Cotton Sheets?

MagicLinen linen bedding review

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  • I swear by linen sheets, and have tested quite a few of the brands that claim to make the best.
  • While most of them have been impressively comfortable, 's sheets blew me out of the water for their relative affordability and the breadth of their options.
  • offers 12 colors, and all of their sheets can be bought in a game-changing "deep" style for thick mattresses or ones with toppers.
  • A deep is 8, while a regular is . For comparison, Parachute only has regular fitted sheets for 0 each.
  • Though they weren't the softest set right out of the bag, I think they'll age better than any other set I've tested.

Linen sheets may be a weird thing to have strong feelings about, but I have many opinions— namely, that they're the best and only kind of sheets you need.

I've tested out linen sheets from a lot of brands, and I can firmly say that you'll get roughly the same quality and price from all the major players in the bedding game. But there's one brand that, in my experience, has stuck out above the rest, and it's not one you've likely ever heard of before.

is a company from Lithuania, where traditions of growing and weaving linen textiles run deep. Its level of dedication to the craft of the material is beyond evident in its products — from sheets to bathrobes and everything in between. Linen is the only thing they do, after all, which is precisely the reason they've been able to edge out other brands who have only treated the material as one more piece of their larger bedding puzzles.

Now, you should know that I adore linen. It's cozy, cooling, keeps me from sweating through the night, and as I've said before, it ages as gracefully as Meryl Streep. But one of my greatest frustrations with linen sheets has been the lack of available options for deeper mattresses. They're the only kind of sheets I sleep on, which has forced me to make the trade-off of having the temperature regulating material I love with the constant bunching and corner flipping I'm deeply annoyed by. So many other sheets come in deep options — why not linen?

This is an issue addresses across the board. The company offers for their sheets, and with every size, from twin to king, comes a "deep" option. I've been sleeping on my deep sheets for the past few weeks, and it has made all the difference on a bed that not only has a thick mattress but also a memory foam topper.

As for the linen material itself, rest assured (pun intended) that MagicLinen knows what its doing.

Their sheets aren't the softest I've felt right out of the bag, but to me that's a sign that they will continue to wash and age better over time. I'm wary of linen sheets that come to me super silky right out of the bag, because that's often a sign that they were treated with chemical conditioners and softeners. MagicLinen is stonewashed — a softening process that's completely natural and non-toxic — and Okeo-tex certified, meaning they're not processed with any harmful chemicals.

All of 's products are hand-cut and sewn in a small studio by textile artisans, yet somehow they've managed to keep prices competitive. Their sheet sets, which include a bottom sheet and flat sheet with a set of pillowcases, costs about less than Brooklinen's set. You can also purchase their products a la carte if you're not interested in investing in a full set.

And it's not just sheets that they make (and make well). The company offers a host of , , , , and kitchen linens as well, with a small selection of made from the same material. There are different trim options like ruffles, buttons, and ties for certain products, which give you a chance to customize your space beyond just color choice, whether you're buying curtains, a duvet, or a tablecloth.

As for their wearables, I've been traipsing around in their linen bathrobe at home lately, and have found curling up in it with a cup of coffee while the sun beams in to be one of my weekend's greatest luxuries.

Overall, I can't recommend MagicLinen enough. Whether you're specifically looking for deep fitted sheets, bedding for a regular mattress, or a new linen tablecloth, I confidently and wholeheartedly say that this is the best place to buy it.

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