Cyber Goth Tutorial (Clothes, Mask/Goggles, Make up)

How to Make Cybergoth Goggles

The way we dress describes what we want others to perceive. Just like with country, rap, and alternative, the goth culture is no different. However, goth is divisible with in itself into subcultures that form the collective. From Emo to industrial, from steampunk to cyber, and so on. The differences are as enormous or an irrelevant as the wearer of the fashion. Though personality is what make the person, clothing and other accessories make the ensemble....rock, and for this reason, the continuous search for the most attention grabbing shock causing and awe-inspiring pieces has become...never ending. Some declare that a staple that cybergoths like to wear is a pair of awesome looking goggles. Some go as far as adding movable or glowing parts and cost as much as...well, a lot... Being as these are not always affordable for the every day freak, this is a way to obtain the look without breaking the pocket.....and pong with the best of them.

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  1. Measure from one temple to the other (that section between the edge of your eye and your hairline) hairline to hairline.Fold tape in half. Write this measurement on your newspaper.
  2. Measure your nose bridge sideways (Above tear ducts).Fold tape in half. Write measurement.
  3. Position one of the mason jar lids over your eye one of the circle edges above the tear duct of one eye.Measure from outer edge to temple hairline. Write measurement.
  4. Fold a newspaper sheet in half to accommodate the first written measurement.From center fold out. Mark it.
  5. Do the same thing with nose bridge measurement.
  6. From otter mark to fold.Add full 3rd measurement. Mark it.
  7. Place the mason jar lid on the paper.It should fit snugly with in the temple to hairline measurement onto nose bridge measurement.
  8. Mark the circle and turn the lid upside down.
  9. Mark the inside of the lid.
  10. Use the temple to hairline measurement as guideline to help you make the "edge" of the goggles of fabric, outside the oculars.
  11. Cut this pattern.Open it. Verify that the pattern works for you. Adjust if necessary. If you are not happy, retake the measurements and try again.
  12. Once happy with the pattern, flatten the cereal box and copy onto one side.Measure fit mason jar lid by pushing it into the ocular-to-be hole. Keep in mind u will use fabric to adjust this par too. Since it fits, take it out, flatten pattern once again and go to the next step.
  13. Use cardboard to cut out a pattern on the fabric (upholstery and fur).Make sure to leave inch (1.3 cm) for seam allowance (trim the fur in seam allowance to make it easier to sew together).
  14. Make the choice.Use the pattern or not. Difference will mean as to how strong and "stiff" the end result will be. I chose to use the cardboard form.
  15. Place fabric, insides facing each other (pattern in between).Heat glue gun.
  16. Put glue on the center (away from the edges of the pattern) and press fabric down.This will help keep the piece in place.
  17. Sew outer edges inwards (cut some slits and triangles out to help fold in fabric).You could use the smooth upholstery ad bottom (nearer to the head) and glued it to the pattern first then sew the fur onto it.
  18. See where you want to add your spikes.Mark on two lids opposite with the sharpie.
  19. Get an unused mason jar lid.And the empty CD case(s). Could be the same color or different ones, what ever matches the clothing style or clear - I used blue)
  20. Mark outside of the circumference.
  21. Cut with xacto knife along the edges (may need to adjust a little but don't make it too small - you don't want the lens to fall off the center)
  22. **If you have the purchased spikes.** Use the Phillips screwdriver and hammer to make a hole for the screw of the spike.
  23. **if you DON'T have purchased spikes**, use the 3 pairs of different sized screws (don't worry about these being the same size or too short).
  24. Massage the JB Weld putty and form in cone shape over the screws.Mind instructions. (Dries fast, so work quickly). Let dry for recommended time.
  25. Fit one lid with spikes over one without on an inside downward angle towards the nose.Fix in place with the hot glue on certain spots.
  26. Massage more jb weld, roll into strips and press into smoothly into edges of the two lids.Let dry. (May need to do this to inside as well)
  27. Step into a ventilated protected area, and spray paint both oculars with smooth long side to side strokes in two coats.Let dry in between coats.
  28. While those dry.Get the measuring tape out and the other side of the box (or newspaper).
  29. Since these are just to look awesome (not really functional) place them where you want to wear them.Measure from one side to the other on the underside of the back of your head. Write the measurement.
  30. Do the same on the upper curve of your head.
  31. Add 3 inches (7.6 cm) to the both of these measurements.
  32. Mark these measurements over the newspaper.Fold over in half several times (making sure to keep newspaper straight). Cut the folded paper, from measure to measure, into a 3 inch (7.6 cm) strips. Extend strips. They should measure to meet the above stated measurements with the added seams).
  33. Fold in inch (1.3 cm) on each side the full length of the strips and pin.
  34. Lay towel on surface (floor/table) lay strips, fold towel over them to protect them and the surface from the heat.
  35. Iron seams.Open towels and move strips carefully. Replace towel. Iron. Repeat.
  36. On the ends.Cut a right angled square on all four sides to help fold in when sewing.
  37. Fold in small ends, folded sides facing each other.Pin.
  38. Sew long straight stitch on the edge.Take pins off. Sew. Repeat to the other strip. Now you have 2 long strips.
  39. Cut out (2) 2x3 inch pieces.Just like with the longer strips. Fold in inch (1.3 cm) on all 4 sides. Pin. Iron. Cut out right angle squares off the edges. Only difference is.... you will sew the seams down but these two pieces stay separate.
  40. Take 4 key rings.2 per side.
  41. Pick one, (A) fold fabric in 1/2 and sew both ends together against temple area of the goggle, or (B) sew one end on to the side of the mask, where the temple is, add ring then seal the other side on to mask.However you do, loops need to face away from the ocular hole.
  42. Fit dry oculars into holes.
  43. measure and cut hose.To fit around bottom of lid (part to lay over your head)
  44. Choose, (a) carefully cut lengthwise to fit over lipped edge of lids, or (b) hot glue to edge anyway
  45. Fix with hot glue no matter which of the two above u choose.Let dry.
  46. Lay over head in position desired.
  47. Fit strips by looping them and mark where edges end.
  48. Cut small hole with xacto knife.
  49. Place snap closures in holes.
  50. Reposition over head to verify fit.
  51. Make sure to not forget making room for other hair accessories wok that day (ex.Dread falls, etc)

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  • measure trice and cut once. When in doubt, measure it out
  • check goodwill, sometimes u get good stuff there.
  • recycle when every able to.
  • use other things to make your goggles unique; like binder prongs, eyelets, cables, hoses, fiber optic creative!


  • irons/glue guns can burn, and so can that hot glue. Be careful!
  • mind the sewing machine and your fingers! Slow and steady, guys!
  • check the tools fit the job.
  • protect your work space! When using puncturing tools, do so over a cutting area.
  • always employ the use of precautions when using tools and use safety gear when necessary.

Things You'll Need

  • fabric
  • spikes (if you can't purchase spikes - 3 pairs of different sized screws and JB Wield putty)
  • xacto knife
  • towel
  • fabric pins
  • mason jar lids
  • empty cereal box
  • craft scissors
  • fabric scissors (i don't dare use these for anything other than fabric)
  • hot glue and glue sticks
  • sharpie marker
  • Phillip's screwdriver
  • hammer, other form
  • silver snaps
  • sewing machine or needle and thread
  • empty CD case
  • 1/4 in plastic hose
  • shinny chrome silver spray paint.
  • key rings
  • measuring tape or a sheet of paper yo(u can go cheap and use newspaper) to help you measure for your pattern.
  • Add now or add later....what ever else you think you can and will use, be imaginative!

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