How to: Sideswept Braided Bangs

How to Braid Bangs

How to Braid Bangs

Some of us like to have our hair all the same length, others, however, choose layers or bangs for a change. If you have bangs and want to do something interesting with them, then read this tutorial, since it is totally devoted to bang hairstyling.
Whenever you style your hair you have to think how to make the bang go with the rest of your look. If your bang is short then there is not so much to offer you. Nevertheless, with longer bangs you can think of way too many fantastic and trendy looks. Braided bangs are now very popular among fashionisers, so watch the tutorial below to learnhow to braid bangsyourself.

How to Braid Bangs
The classical French braid is a versatile hairstyle that adds an elegant solution to long bangs and gets your hair out of your face. Many women even give preference to only braiding the bangs, while leaving the rest of the hair as it is. If you have long hair then do not lose a single minute to get this look.

To start with you can use a little hairspray on the hair. Next create the bang section accurately. With the use of a comb draw the bang line starting from one ear and making your way to the opposite ear, by creating a slight half-moon shape in the front. Brush your hair from one side to the other one. In order not to have any hair that will only irritate you in the braiding procedure gather the rest of your hair into a knot or a ponytail and focus on the bang area only.

Take a small chunk of hair from the side section of the bang close to your ear and divide it into three parts. The chunk is the section of hair that you will keep on adding to your braid. Start regular braiding, adding small part from the chunk to only one part of the braided hair sections. Pull the hair in the direction you want the braid to fall. Start braiding the hair under. Keep on braiding till you reach the opposite ear. Make sure that the braid line is even. Once you finish braiding secure the tips behind your ear. You can admire your fabulous braided bang now.

How to Braid Bangs

How to Braid Bangs
Now you have a very cute braided part on the front. You can think of creating anything you like on the back of the hair, since you have a great variety of hairstyles. You can curl the hair with hot rollers or a curling iron, can gather the hair carefully into a loose low bun, or even leave it just it is, to look messy. Or if you have natural waves then simply spray some mousse onto it and fix it the way you like. The only important thing to remember is having the braided bang ready first and then only doing the rest of the hair. This is the correct succession of actions, in order not to spoil your hairdo.

How to Braid Bangs

How to Braid Bangs

Braided Bangs Tutorial

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How to Braid Bangs
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Watch How to Braid Bangs video

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