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Tom's North American Trolley Bus Pictures

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The 2018 Hoosier Traction Meet is scheduled for Sep 7-8 in Indianapolis.

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A big thanks to Stephen Scalzo, who has sent me several thousand pix from his collection.

For those who can't see the map ... is a non-profit (that is, this site doesn't generate income) entity dedicated to educating all who have an interest on the history of trolleybuses in North America (Canada, Mexico and the US). Where photographer and/or current image owner are known, the info is included with the picture.

Whether you refer to it as a trolleybus, a trolley bus, a trolleycoach, a trolley coach, a trackless trolley, an electric bus, or an electric trolley bus ( ETB ) they ran in quite a few North American cities. By the end of the 20th Century, only 9 cities in North America still operated them: Boston, Philadelphia, Dayton, Seattle, San Francisco, Edmonton, Vancouver, Mexico City and Guadalajara. Two museums, the Illinois Railway Museum and the Seashore Trolley Museum, also display and operate trolleybuses.

Major North American trolleybus manufacturers were AM General, Brill (American Car ACF and Canadian Car CCF), Electric Transit Industries (ETI), Flyer, Kenworth, Marmon Herrington, Neoplan, Pullman Standard, St Louis Car Company and Twin Coach (Fageol). Mitsubishi and Toshiba built trolleybuses for Mexico City. New Flyer is building (late 2006) new Vancouver and Philadelphia trolleybuses.

If you have trolleybus pictures or stories of trolleybuses and trolleycoaches, please drop me a line!

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