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Información por familia

Abyssocottidae Acanthuridae Acestrorhynchidae Achiridae Achiropsettidae Acipenseridae Acropomatidae Adrianichthyidae Agonidae Akysidae Albulidae Alepisauridae Alepocephalidae Alestidae Alopiidae Amarsipidae Ambassidae Amblycipitidae Amblyopsidae Amiidae Ammodytidae Amphiliidae Anabantidae Anablepidae Anacanthobatidae Anarhichadidae Anchariidae Anguillidae Anomalopidae Anoplogastridae Anoplopomatidae Anostomidae Anotopteridae Antennariidae Aphredoderidae Aphyonidae Apistidae Aploactinidae Aplocheilidae Aplodactylidae Apogonidae Apteronotidae Aracanidae Arapaimidae Argentinidae Arhynchobatidae Ariidae Ariommatidae Arripidae Artedidraconidae Aspredinidae Astroblepidae Ateleopodidae Atherinidae Atherinopsidae Auchenipteridae Aulopidae Aulorhynchidae Aulostomidae Austroglanididae Badidae Bagridae Balistidae Balitoridae Banjosidae Barbourisiidae Barbuccidae Bathyclupeidae Bathydraconidae Bathylagidae Bathylutichthyidae Bathymasteridae Bathysauridae Bathysauroididae Batrachoididae Bedotiidae Belonidae Bembridae Bembropidae Berycidae Blenniidae Bothidae Botiidae Bovichtidae Brachaeluridae Brachionichthyidae Bramidae Bregmacerotidae Bryconidae Bythitidae Caesionidae Callanthiidae Callichthyidae Callionymidae Callorhinchidae Caproidae Carangidae Carapidae Carcharhinidae Caristiidae Catostomidae Caulophrynidae Centrarchidae Centriscidae Centrogenyidae Centrolophidae Centrophoridae Centrophrynidae Centropomidae Cepolidae Ceratiidae Cetomimidae Cetopsidae Cetorhinidae Chacidae Chaenopsidae Chaetodontidae Chalceidae Champsodontidae Chanidae Channichthyidae Channidae Characidae Chaudhuriidae Chaunacidae Cheilodactylidae Cheimarrichthyidae Chiasmodontidae Chilodontidae Chimaeridae Chirocentridae Chironemidae Chlamydoselachidae Chlopsidae Chlorophthalmidae Cichlidae Cirrhitidae Citharidae Citharinidae Clariidae Claroteidae Clinidae Clupeidae Cobitidae Colocongridae Comephoridae Congiopodidae Congridae Coryphaenidae Cottidae Cottocomephoridae Cranoglanididae Creediidae Crenuchidae Cryptacanthodidae Ctenoluciidae Curimatidae Cyclopteridae Cyematidae Cynodontidae Cynoglossidae Cyprinidae Cyprinodontidae Cyttidae Dactylopteridae Dactyloscopidae Dalatiidae Dasyatidae Datnioididae Dentatherinidae Denticipitidae Derichthyidae Diceratiidae Dichistiidae Dinolestidae Dinopercidae Diodontidae Diplomystidae Diplophidae Diretmidae Distichodontidae Doradidae Draconettidae Drepaneidae Dussumieriidae Echeneidae Echinorhinidae Elassomatidae Eleginopsidae Eleotridae Ellopostomatidae Elopidae Embiotocidae Emmelichthyidae Engraulidae Enoplosidae Ephippidae Epigonidae Erethistidae Ereuniidae Erythrinidae Eschmeyeridae Esocidae Etmopteridae Euclichthyidae Eurypharyngidae Evermannellidae Exocoetidae Fistulariidae Fundulidae Gadidae Galaxiidae Gasteropelecidae Gasterosteidae Gempylidae Geotriidae Gerreidae Gibberichthyidae Gigantactinidae Giganturidae Ginglymostomatidae Girellidae Glaucosomatidae Glaucostegidae Gnathanacanthidae Gobiesocidae Gobiidae Gonorynchidae Gonostomatidae Goodeidae Grammatidae Grammicolepididae Gymnarchidae Gymnotidae Gymnuridae Gyrinocheilidae Haemulidae Halosauridae Hapalogenyidae Harpagiferidae Helostomatidae Hemigaleidae Hemiodontidae Hemiramphidae Hemiscylliidae Hemitripteridae Hepsetidae Heptapteridae Heterenchelyidae Heterodontidae Heteropneustidae Hexagrammidae Hexanchidae Hexatrygonidae Himantolophidae Hiodontidae Hispidoberycidae Holocentridae Hoplichthyidae Horabagridae Howellidae Hypnidae Hypopomidae Hypoptychidae Icosteidae Ictaluridae Iguanodectidae Indostomidae Ipnopidae Isonidae Istiophoridae Kneriidae Kraemeriidae Kryptoglanidae Kuhliidae Kurtidae Kyphosidae Labridae Labrisomidae Lacantuniidae Lactariidae Lamnidae Lampridae Lateolabracidae Latidae Latimeriidae Latridae Lebiasinidae Leiognathidae Lepidogalaxiidae Lepidosirenidae Lepisosteidae Leptobramidae Leptochariidae Leptochilichthyidae Leptoscopidae Lethrinidae Linophrynidae Liparidae Lobotidae Lophichthyidae Lophiidae Lophotidae Loricariidae Lotidae Lutjanidae Luvaridae Macrouridae Malacanthidae Malapteruridae Mastacembelidae Megachasmidae Megalopidae Melamphaidae Melanocetidae Melanonidae Melanotaeniidae Menidae Merlucciidae Microdesmidae Microstomatidae Mitsukurinidae Mochokidae Molidae Monacanthidae Monocentridae Monodactylidae Monognathidae Mordaciidae Moridae Moringuidae Mormyridae Moronidae Mugilidae Mullidae Muraenesocidae Muraenidae Muraenolepididae Myctophidae Myliobatidae Myrocongridae Myxinidae Nandidae Narcinidae Narkidae Nemacheilidae Nematistiidae Nematogenyidae Nemichthyidae Nemipteridae Neoceratiidae Neoceratodontidae Neoscopelidae Neosebastidae Nettastomatidae Niphonidae Nomeidae Normanichthyidae Notacanthidae Nothobranchiidae Notocheiridae Notopteridae Notosudidae Nototheniidae Odacidae Odontaspididae Odontobutidae Ogcocephalidae Olyridae Omosudidae Oneirodidae Ophichthidae Ophidiidae Opisthoproctidae Opistognathidae Oplegnathidae Orectolobidae Oreosomatidae Osmeridae Osphronemidae Osteoglossidae Ostraciidae Ostracoberycidae Oxynotidae Pangasiidae Pantodontidae Parabembridae Parabrotulidae Paralepididae Paralichthodidae Paralichthyidae Parascorpididae Parascylliidae Paraulopidae Parazenidae Parodontidae Pataecidae Pegasidae Pempheridae Pentacerotidae Percichthyidae Percidae Perciliidae Percophidae Percopsidae Peristediidae Perryenidae Petromyzontidae Phallostethidae Pholidae Pholidichthyidae Phosichthyidae Phractolaemidae Phycidae Pimelodidae Pinguipedidae Platycephalidae Platyrhinidae Platytroctidae Plecoglossidae Plectrogeniidae Plesiobatidae Plesiopidae Pleuronectidae Plotosidae Poeciliidae Poecilopsettidae Polycentridae Polymixiidae Polynemidae Polyodontidae Polyprionidae Polypteridae Pomacanthidae Pomacentridae Pomatomidae Potamotrygonidae Priacanthidae Pristidae Pristigasteridae Pristiophoridae Pristolepididae Prochilodontidae Profundulidae Proscylliidae Protanguillidae Protopteridae Psettodidae Pseudaphritidae Pseudocarchariidae Pseudochromidae Pseudomugilidae Pseudopimelodidae Pseudotriakidae Pseudotrichonotidae Psilorhynchidae Psychrolutidae Ptilichthyidae Rachycentridae Radiicephalidae Rajidae Regalecidae Retropinnidae Rhamphichthyidae Rhamphocottidae Rhincodontidae Rhinidae Rhinobatidae Rhinochimaeridae Rhombosoleidae Rhyacichthyidae Rivulidae Rondeletiidae Saccopharyngidae Salangidae Salmonidae Samaridae Scaridae Scatophagidae Schilbeidae Schindleriidae Sciaenidae Scoloplacidae Scomberesocidae Scombridae Scombrolabracidae Scombropidae Scopelarchidae Scophthalmidae Scorpaenidae Scyliorhinidae Scytalinidae Sebastidae Serpenticobitidae Serranidae Serrasalmidae Serrivomeridae Setarchidae Siganidae Sillaginidae Siluridae Sinipercidae Sisoridae Soleidae Solenostomidae Somniosidae Sparidae Sphyraenidae Sphyrnidae Squalidae Squatinidae Stegostomatidae Steindachneriidae Stephanoberycidae Sternoptychidae Sternopygidae Stichaeidae Stomiidae Stromateidae Stylephoridae Sudidae Symphysanodontidae Synanceiidae Synaphobranchidae Synbranchidae Syngnathidae Synodontidae Telmatherinidae Terapontidae Tetrabrachiidae Tetragonuridae Tetraodontidae Tetrarogidae Thalasseleotrididae Thaumatichthyidae Torpedinidae Toxotidae Trachichthyidae Trachinidae Trachipteridae Triacanthidae Triacanthodidae Triakidae Trichiuridae Trichodontidae Trichomycteridae Trichonotidae Triglidae Triodontidae Triportheidae Tripterygiidae Umbridae Uranoscopidae Urolophidae Urotrygonidae Vaillantellidae Valenciidae Veliferidae Xenisthmidae Xiphiidae Zanclidae Zanclorhynchidae Zaproridae Zeidae Zenarchopteridae Zeniontidae Zoarcidae Abas Aestivating lungfishes African lungfishes African pikes African rivulines African tetras Aholeholes Airbreathing catfishes Airsac catfishes Alfonsinos Algae eaters American round stingrays American soles Anchovies Angel sharks Angelfishes Antarctic dragonfishes Antarctic sculpins Archerfishes Argentines or herring smelts Ariommatids Armored catfishes Armored searobins or armored gurnards Armored sticklebacks Armorhead catfishes Armorheads Arowanas Asian leaffishes Asian seaperches Asiatic glassfishes Atlantic red eels Aulopus Australian lungfish Australian prowfishes Australian salmon Austroglanids Ayu fish Bagless glassfishes Bagrid catfishes Baikal oilfishes Bamboo sharks Bandfishes Banjo catfishes Banjofishes Barbeled dragonfishes Barbeled grunters Barbeled houndsharks Barbled plunderfishes Barehead scorpionfishes Barracudas Barracudinas Barreleyes or spookfishes Basking sharks Basslets Batfishes Bathylaconids Beachsalmon Beaked salmons Beardfishes Bichirs Bigeyes or catalufas Bighead sculpins Bigscale fishes or ridgeheads Billfishes Black Seadevils Blackchins Blind cusk eels Blind sharks Blue eyes Bluefishes Bluntnose knifefishes Boarfishes Bobtail snipe eels Bonefishes Bonnetmouths Bonytongues Bowfins Boxfishes Bramble sharks Bristlemouths Bullhead, horn, or Port Jackson sharks Bumblebee catfishes, dwarf marbled catfishes Butterfishes Butterfly rays Butterflyfishes Cales and weed-whitings Callichthyid armored catfishes Cardinalfishes Carpet or nurse sharks Cat sharks Catadromous icefishes Cavebasses Cavefishes Chameleonfishes Characins Chiapas catfishes Cichlids Citharids Claroteid catfishes Climbing gouramies Clingfishes and singleslits Clinids Cobia Cod icefishes Codlets Cods and haddocks Coffin rays Cofishes Collared carpet sharks Collared wrigglers Combtooth blennies Conger and garden eels Convict blenny Cornetfishes Cow sharks Crested flounders Crestfishes Crocodile icefishes Crocodile sharks Crocodile toothfishes Cucumber fishes Cusk-eels Cutlassfishes Cutthroat eels Daggertooth Damselfishes Dartfishes Deep-sea bristly scorpionfishes Deep-sea scalyfins Deep-sea smelts Deep-sea spiny eels Deep-sea tripod fishes Deep-water sculpins Deepsea lizardfishes Deepwater boxfishes Deepwater bullhead sculpins Deepwater cardinalfishes Deepwater flatheads Deepwater stingray Denticle herrings Distichodus Dogfish sharks Dogtooth characins Dolphinfishes Dories Dottybacks Double anglers (Ref. 07463) or Doublespine Seadevils (Ref. 86949) Dragonets Dreamers Driftfishes Driftwood catfishes Drums or croakers Duckbill eels Duckbills Eagle and manta rays Eel cods Eelpouts Eeltail catfishes Electric catfishes Electric rays Elephantfishes Emperors or scavengers Eucla cods False brotulas False catsharks False morays False scorpionfishes False trevallies Fanfins Fangtooth Fanrays Fatheads Featherbacks or knifefishes Filefishes Finback catsharks Fire-eyed loaches Flabby whalefishes Flannel-mouth characiforms Flatheads Flying gurnards Flyingfishes Footballfishes Four-armed frogfishes Four-eyed fishes, onesided livebearers & white-eye Freshwater Butterflyfish Freshwater eels Freshwater hatchetfishes Freshwater sleepers Freshwater tripletails Frilled sharks Frogfishes Fusiliers Galaxiids Galjoen fishes Gars Ghost flatheads Ghost knifefishes Ghost pipefishes Giant guitarfishes Gibberfishes Glass knifefishes Gnomefishes Goatfishes Gobies Goblin shark Gombessa Goosefishes Gouramies Grammicolepidids Graveldivers Greeneyes Greenlings Grenadiers or rattails Grunt sculpins Grunters or tigerperches Grunts Guitarfishes Gulper sharks Gulpers Gunnels Gurnard scorpionfishes Hagfishes Hakes and burbots Halfbeaks Halftooths Halosaurs Hammerhead, bonnethead, or scoophead sharks Hammerjaws Handfishes Hawkfishes Headstanders Headstanders Herrings, shads, sardines, menhadens Hingemouths Houndsharks Icefishes or noodlefishes Infantfishes Isonids Jacks and pompanos Jawfishes Jellynose fishes Jutjaws Kelpfishes Killifishes Kissing gourami Knifejaws Labrisomids Lancetfishes Lantern sharks Lanternbellies, temperate ocean-basses Lanterneye fishes Lanternfishes Large-tooth flounders Largescale deep-sea lizardfishes Lates perches Leaffishes Lefteye flounders Leftvents Leptochilichthyids Lightfishes Lizard greeneyes Lizardfishes Loach catfishes Loach gobies Loaches Long-finned pike Long-whiskered catfishes Longfin escolars Longneck eels Longnose chimaeras Longtail catfishes Lookdown dories Lophichthyid frogfishes Louvar Lumpfishes Lutefishes Mackerel sharks or white shark Mackerels, tunas, bonitos Madagascar rainbowfishes Manefishes Marblefishes Marine hatchetfishes Medusafishes Megamouth sharks Melanonids Merluccid hakes Middle American killifishes Milkfish Minnows or carps Mojarras Molas or Ocean Sunfishes Mooneyes Moonfish Moonyfishes or fingerfishes Moorish idol Moray eels Morid cods Morwongs Mountain carps Mountain catfishes Muck fishes Mud eels Mudminnows Mullets Naked sucker-mouth catfishes Naked-back knifefishes Needlefishes Neotropical silversides New Zealand smelts North American freshwater catfishes Northern lampreys Numbfishes Nurse sharks Nurseryfishes Oarfishes Oceanic basslets Oldwife Onejaws Opah Orbicular velvetfishes Oreos Paddlefishes Parakysid catfishes Parazen Parrotfishes Patagonian blennies Pearl perches Pearleyes Pearlfishes Pencil or parasitic catfishes Pencil smelts Pencilfishes Perches Phycid hakes Picarels Pike congers Pike-, tube- and flagblennies Pike-characids Pikes Pinecone fishes Pipefishes and seahorses Pirate perches Plownose chimaeras Poachers Poeciliids Pomfrets Porcupinefishes (burrfishes) Porgies Priapiumfishes Pricklebacks Pricklefishes Prickly Seadevils Pristigasterids Protoanguillids Prowfish Psettodids Puffers Pupfishes Pygmy sunfishes Quillfish Rabbitfishes Racehorses or pigfishes Ragfish Rainbowfishes, blue eyes Red velvetfish Redmouth whalefishes Remoras Requiem sharks Ribbonfishes Ricefishes Righteye flounders River loaches River stingrays Rivulines Rockfishes, rockcods and thornyheads Ronquils Roosterfish Rough sharks Round rays Roundheads Rovers Sabertooth fishes Sablefishes Sailfin silversides Salamanderfishes Salmonids Sand darters Sand diving lizardfishes Sand eel Sand knifefishes Sand lances Sand stargazers Sand tigers Sandburrowers Sanddivers Sandfishes Sandperches Sauries Saw sharks Sawfishes Sawtooth eels Scats Schilbid catfishes Scorpionfishes or rockfishes Scrapetooths Sculpins Sea basses: groupers and fairy basslets Sea catfishes Sea chubs Sea ravens or sailfin sculpins Sea toads Seamoths Searobins Shark catfishes Sheatfishes Shellears Shellskin alfonsinos Short-tail eels Shortnose chimaeras or ratfishes Sicklefishes Silversides Sisorid catfishes Sixgill stingrays Skates Skates Sleeper rays Sleeper sharks Sleeper sharks Sleepers Slickheads Slimeheads Slimys, slipmouths, or ponyfishes Slope dragonets Slopefishes Smallscale pike characins Smelt-whitings Smelts Smooth skates Snailfishes Snake eels Snake mackerels Snakeheads Snaketooth fishes Snappers Snipe eels Snipefishes and shrimpfishes Snooks Soles South American darters South Asian river catfishes Southern basses Southern flounders Southern lampreys Southern sandfishes Southern topeyed lampreys Spadefishes, batfishes and scats Spikefishes Spineless eels Spiny dwarf catfishes Spiny eels Spiny plunderfishes Spiny-scale pricklefishes Spinyfins Splendid perches Splitfins Sprat-like flatheads Squarehead or angler catfish Squaretails Squeakers or upside-down catfishes Squirrelfishes, soldierfishes Stargazers Sticklebacks and tubesnouts Stinger flatheads Stingrays Stonefishes Stream catfishes Sturgeons Suckers Sundaland noodlefishes Sunfishes Surf sardines Surfperches Surgeonfishes, tangs, unicornfishes Swallowers Swamp-eels Sweepers Swordfish Tapertails Tarpons Telescopefishes Temperate basses Temperate perches Tenpounders Thornfishes Thorny catfishes Threadfin breams, Whiptail breams Threadfins Three-barbeled catfishes Three-toothed puffer Thresher sharks Tilefishes Toadfishes Tonguefishes Toothcarps Toothed seadevils Toothless characins Topminnows and killifishes Torrent catfishes Torrentfish Trahiras Triggerfishes Triplefin blennies Triplespines Tripletails Trout-perches Trumpeters Trumpetfishes Tube-eye or thread-tail Tubeshoulders Tubesnouts Turbots Tusked silversides Vaonas Velifers Velvet catfishes Velvet whalefishes Velvetfishes Viviparous brotulas Warty Seadevils Waryfishes Wasp fishes Wasp scorpionfishes Weasel sharks Wedgefishes Weeverfishes Whale catfishes Whale shark Whipnose anglers Wolf herring Wolffishes Wolftrap anglers (Ref. 7463), Wolftrap Seadevils (Ref. 86949) Worm or spaghetti eels Wormfishes Wrasses Wreckfishes Wrymouths Zebra sharks Zeniontids

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Información por país / isla

Adelaide Island Adelie Land Admiralty Islands Afghanistan Åland Islands Alaska (USA) Albania Algeria American Samoa Amsterdam Island, New Amsterdam Andaman Islands Andorra Angola Anguilla Antarctic Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Aruba Ascension Island Australia Austria Azerbaijan Azores Islands Bahamas Bahrain Balleny Islands Bangladesh Barbados Bassas da India Shoal Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Bouvet Island Brazil British Indian Ocean Territory Brunei Darussalam Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Canada Canary Islands Cape Verde Cargados Carajos Shoals Caroline Island Cayman Islands Central African Republic Chad Chagos Islands Channel Islands Chile China Christmas Island (AUS) Clipperton Island Cocos (Keeling) Islands Cocos Island (Costa Rica) Colombia Comoros Congo (Democratic Republic of the) Congo (Republic of the) Cook Islands Costa Rica Côte d'Ivoire Croatia Crozet Islands Cuba Curaçao Island Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Desventuradas Islands Djibouti Dominica Dominican Republic Easter Island Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Elephant Island Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Estonia Ethiopia Europa Island Faeroe Islands Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Fiji (Republic of) Finland France French Guiana French Polynesia Gabon Galapagos Islands Gambia Georgia Germany (Federal Republic of) Ghana Gibraltar Glorieuses Islands Greece Greenland Grenada Guadeloupe Guam Guatemala Guinea Guinea-Bissau Guyana Haiti Hawaii (USA) Heard Island and McDonald Islands Holy See (Vatican City State) Honduras Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran (Islamic Republic of) Iraq Ireland Isle of Man Israel Italy Jamaica Jan Mayen Island Japan Jersey Johnston Island Jordan Juan de Nova Island Juan Fernández Islands Kazakhstan Kenya Kerguelen Islands Kermadec Islands Kiribati Korea (Democratic People's Rep) Korea (Republic of) Kosovo Kuril Islands Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Lao (People's Democratic Republic) Latvia Lebanon Lesotho Liberia Libya Liechtenstein Lithuania Lord Howe Island Luxembourg Macau Macedonia (former Yugoslav Republic of) Macquarie Island, Macca Madagascar Madeira Islands Malawi Malaysia Maldives Mali Malta Marshall Islands Martinique Mauritania Mauritius Mayotte Mexico Micronesia (Federal States of) Midway Islands Moldova (Republic of) Monaco Mongolia Montenegro Montserrat Morocco Mozambique Myanmar Namibia Nauru Nepal Netherlands New Caledonia New Zealand Nicaragua Niger Nigeria Niue Norfolk Island Northern Marianas Islands Norway Ogasawara Islands, Bonin Islands Oman Pacific Islands (Trust Territory) Pakistan Palau Palestine (State of) Panama Papua New Guinea Paraguay Peru Peter I Island Philippines Pitcairn Poland Portugal Prince Edward Islands Puerto Rico Qatar Republic of South Sudan Réunion Revillagigedo Rodriguez Romania Russian Federation Rwanda Ryukyu Islands Saint Barthélemy Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Martin (French part) Saint Paul Island Saint Paul's Rocks Saint Pierre and Miquelon Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Samoa San Marino Sao Tome and Principe Saudi Arabia Scott Island Senegal Serbia Seychelles Sierra Leone Singapore Sint Maarten (Dutch part) Slovakia Slovenia Solomon Islands Somalia South Africa South Georgia Island and South Sandwich Islands South Orkney Islands South Shetland Islands Spain Sri Lanka Sudan Suriname Svalbard and Jan Mayen Swaziland Sweden Switzerland Syrian Arab Republic Taiwan Tajikistan Tanzania (United Republic of) Thailand Timor-Leste Togo Tokelau Tonga Trindade and Martim Vaz Archipelago Trinidad and Tobago Tristan da Cunha Islands Tromelin Island Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Turks and Caicos Islands Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States (contiguous states) Uruguay US Miscellaneous Pacific Islands Uzbekistan Vanuatu Venezuela Viet Nam Virgin Islands (British) Virgin Islands (US ) Wake Island Wallis and Futuna Islands Western Sahara Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe

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Información por ecosistema

All Freshwater ecosystems    » African freshwaters Large marine ecosytems Marine ecoregions Other marine ecosystems Aborlan (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Academician Berg (Seamount) Adma River (River (basin)) Adriatic Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Aegean Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Afrera (Lake) African East Mediterranean Coast (River (basin)) African Red Sea Coast (River (basin)) Agnébi (River (basin)) Agulhas Current (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Albegna (River (basin)) Albert Seamount (Seamount) Aleutian Islands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Am-nok (River (basin)) Amazon (River (basin)) Amber Seamount (Seamount) Amudar'ya (River (basin)) Amundsen/Bellingshausen Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Amur (River (basin)) Andaman Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Antarctic Peninsula (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Antarctica (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Antianambalana (River (basin)) Arabian Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Arafura Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Araguaia (River (basin)) Aral Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Arkansas River (River (basin)) Aruwimi River (River (basin)) Atlantic Ocean (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Atlantic Sahara Coast (River (basin)) Atlantis Seamount (Seamount) Atulayan Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Australian (Zoogeographic realm) Azores Islands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Baffin Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Baffin Bay - Davis Strait (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Bagmati (River (basin)) Balearic Islands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Balkan river drainages and lakes (River (basin)) Balsas river (River (basin)) Baltic Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Banda Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Bandama (River (basin)) Bank 8 (Seamount) Bank 9 (Seamount) Baral Seamount (Seamount) Barents Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Bashee (River (basin)) Bataraza (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Bay of Bengal (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Bear Seamount (Seamount) Beaufort Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Beijiang River (River (basin)) Bemarivo (River (basin)) Benguela Current (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Bensbach River (River (basin)) Benue River (River (basin)) Berg (River (basin)) Bermuda (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Betsiboka (River (basin)) Bhimtal Lake (Lake) Bia (River (basin)) Bioko & Sao Tomé e Principe (River (basin)) Black Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Black Volta (River (basin)) Bohol Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Bosten Lake (Lake) Bounty and Antipodes Islands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Bouregreg (River (basin)) Brahmaputra (River (basin)) Brooke's Point (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Brooks Banks (Seamount) Buba (River (basin)) Buffels (River (basin)) Buluan (Lake) Buxa River (River (basin)) Calamianes Islands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Calauag Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) California Current (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Camotes Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Campbell Island (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Canadian Eastern Arctic - West Greenland (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Canadian High Arctic - North Greenland (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Canal des Pangalanes (River (basin)) Canary Current (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Cantabrian Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Cape Verde (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Cape Verde Islands (River (basin)) Caporolo (River (basin)) Caribbean Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Carigara Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Casamance (River (basin)) Caspian Sea (Lake) Catumbela (River (basin)) Cauvery (River (basin)) Cavally (River (basin)) Celestún Biosphere Reserve (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Celtic-Biscay Shelf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Central Arctic (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Central New Zealand (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Cess (River (basin)) Chad (Lake) Chad (River (basin)) Chagos (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Chang-hwa (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Chao Phraya River (River (basin)) Chatham Island (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Chesapeake Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Chiku River (River (basin)) Chilika Lake/Lagoon (Lagoon) Chiniziua (River (basin)) Chittar River (River (basin)) Chobe (River (basin)) Chukchi Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Clipperton (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Coastal Southwest Angola (River (basin)) Cobb Seamount (Seamount) Cocos Islands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Colahan Seamount (Seamount) Colorado River (River (basin)) Columbia (River (basin)) Comoé (River (basin)) Comoros (River (basin)) Congo (River (basin)) Coral Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Coral Sea and GBR (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Corsica Island (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Corubal (River (basin)) Crete Island (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Cross (River (basin)) Cross Seamount (Seamount) Crozet Islands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Cruiser Tablemount (Seamount) Cupole Seamount (Seamount) Da River (River (basin)) Dakrong River (River (basin)) Dande (River (basin)) Danube (River (basin)) Davao Gulf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Discovery Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Dnester (River (basin)) Dnieper (River (basin)) Don (River (basin)) Dordogne (River (basin)) Dorofeyev Seamount (Seamount) East Bering Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) East Brazil Shelf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) East Central Australian Shelf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) East China Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) East Greenland Shelf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) East Siberian Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Easter Island (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Eastern Chad System (River (basin)) Ébrié Lagoon (Lagoon) Ecliptic Seamount (Seamount) El Hammam (River (basin)) Elbe River (River (basin)) English Channel (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Equator Seamount (Seamount) Erh-jen-shi (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Erhjen River (River (basin)) Erqishi River (River (basin)) Ethiopian (Zoogeographic realm) Etosha (Lake) Euphrates (River (basin)) Faroe Plateau (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Fatala (River (basin)) Fiji Islands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Fish (River (basin)) Fraser (River (basin)) Galician Shelf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Gambia (River (basin)) Gamtoos (River (basin)) Ganges (River (basin)) Gaylegphug (River (basin)) Géba (River (basin)) German Bight (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Godavari (River (basin)) Gorongosa (River (basin)) Gouritz (River (basin)) Govuro (River (basin)) Great Australian Bight (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Great Barrier Reef (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Great Lake (Lake) Great Lakes (Lake) Great Meteor Tablemount (Seamount) Great Scarcies (River (basin)) Great Seamount (Seamount) Greenland Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Guinea Current (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Gulf of Aden (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Gulf of Alaska (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Gulf of Aqaba (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Gulf of California (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Gulf of Maine (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Gulf of Mexico (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Gulf of Oman (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Gulf of St. Lawrence - Eastern Scotian Shelf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Gulf of Thailand (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Gulf of Tonkin (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Han (River (basin)) Hancock Northwest Seamount (Seamount) Hancock Southeast Seamount (Seamount) Hawaii (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Heard and Macdonald Islands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Hecate Strait (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Horn of Africa (River (basin)) Houtman (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Hsiao-liu-chiu (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Hsin-chu (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Hudson Bay Complex (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Humboldt Current (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Iberian Coastal (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Iceland Shelf and Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Ichthyologists Seamount (Seamount) Iguazú River (River (basin)) Indian Ocean (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Indonesian Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Indus (River (basin)) Inharrime (River (basin)) Initial Seamount (Seamount) Insular Pacific-Hawaiian (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Ionian Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Irrawaddy (River (basin)) Issyk-Kul Lake (Lake) Itimbiri River (River (basin)) Jayanti River (River (basin)) Jingu Seamount (Seamount) Johnstone Strait (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Josephine Seamount (Seamount) Juan de Fuca Strait (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Jumeau East Seamount (Seamount) Jumeau West Seamount (Seamount) Kabul (River (basin)) Kafue (River (basin)) Kaimon Maru Seamount (Seamount) Kainji Lake (Lake) Kali Gandaki (River (basin)) Kama (River (basin)) Kamchatka (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Kammu Seamount (Seamount) Kaoping River (River (basin)) Kara Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Karandash Seamount (Seamount) Kariba (Lake) Karnali (River (basin)) Kasai River (River (basin)) Kerguelen Islands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Kermadec Island (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Kimbe Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Kimmei and Koko Seamounts (Seamount) Kivu (Lake) Kizilirmak (River (basin)) Kogon (River (basin)) Kolyma (River (basin)) Konkouré (River (basin)) Kosi (River (basin)) Kouilou-Niari (River (basin)) Krishna River (River (basin)) Kuban River (River (basin)) Kum (River (basin)) Kunene (River (basin)) Kura (River (basin)) Kuroshio Current (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Kwando River (River (basin)) Kwango River (River (basin)) Labrador - Newfoundland (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Lagonoy Gulf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Laguna de Bay (Lake) Laguna de Términos (Lagoon) Laguna del Mar Muerto (Lagoon) Lake Baikal (Lake) Lake Biwa (Lake) Lake Lanao (Lake) Lake Malawi (Lake) Lake Rukwa (Lake) Lake Turkana (Lake) Lamu Region (River (basin)) Lanuza Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Laptev Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Le Danois Bank (Seamount) Léfini-Likouala Region (River (basin)) Lena (River (basin)) Levantine Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Leyte Gulf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Liambezi (Lake) Licungo (River (basin)) Ligonha (River (basin)) Limpopo (River (basin)) Lingayen Gulf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Linta (River (basin)) Linyanti Swamp (Lake) Little Scarcies (River (basin)) Lofa (River (basin)) Loire (River (basin)) Long Seamount (Seamount) Longa (River (basin)) Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands (sea/bay/gulf) Lower Congo (River (basin)) Lower Orange (River (basin)) Lu-kang (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Lualaba (River (basin)) Lukuledi (River (basin)) Luongwa (River (basin)) Lurio (River (basin)) Lutao Island (Sea/Bay/Gulf) M'Bridge (River (basin)) Ma River (River (basin)) Mackenzie (River (basin)) Macquarie Island (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Madeira (River (basin)) Madeira & Canary Islands (River (basin)) Mae Klong (River (basin)) Maevarano (River (basin)) Mafia Island (River (basin)) Magdalena (River (basin)) Mahavavy Nord (River (basin)) Mahavavy Sud (River (basin)) Makgadikgadi (River (basin)) Malagarazi (River (basin)) Maldives (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Malebo Pool (Lake) Malvinas/Falklands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Manambao (River (basin)) Manambolo (River (basin)) Manambovo (River (basin)) Mananara Sud (River (basin)) Manangoza (River (basin)) Mandrare (River (basin)) Mangoky (River (basin)) Manila Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Maningory (River (basin)) Mano (River (basin)) Marañón (River (basin)) Mariana Islands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Marine Lower Congo (River (basin)) Marquesas (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Marshall Islands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Mascarene Islands (River (basin)) Matandu (River (basin)) Mayday Seamount (Seamount) Mbwemburu (River (basin)) Mecuburi (River (basin)) Mediterranean Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Mekong (River (basin)) Melela (River (basin)) Meluli (River (basin)) Messalo (River (basin)) Meuse (River (basin)) Middle Bank (Seamount) Middle Congo (River (basin)) Middle Nile (River (basin)) Milne Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Milwaukee Group Seamount (Seamount) Mississippi Complex (River (basin)) Mississippi River (River (basin)) Mississippi-Missouri (River (basin)) Missouri River (River (basin)) Moa (River (basin)) Molopo (River (basin)) Monapo (River (basin)) Mono (River (basin)) Morondava (River (basin)) Murray-Darling (River (basin)) Mweru (Lake) Nainital Lake (Lake) Nakdong (River (basin)) Namib Desert (River (basin)) Narra (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Naujan Lake (Lake) Naukuchiatal Lake (Lake) Nearctic (Zoogeographic realm) Negro (River (basin)) Nelson-Saskatchewan (River (basin)) Neotropical (Zoogeographic realm) Nero Seamount (Seamount) New Caledonia (Sea/Bay/Gulf) New Zealand Shelf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Niger (River (basin)) Nile (River (basin)) Nintoku Seamount (Seamount) North Australian Shelf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) North Brazil Shelf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) North Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) North Siberian Waters (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Northampton Seamount (Seamount) Northeast Australian Shelf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Northeast U.S. Continental Shelf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Northeastern New Zealand (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Northern and Central Red Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Northern Bay of Bengal (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Northern Bering - Chukchi Seas (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Northern Gulf of Mexico (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Northern Rift Valley Lakes (Lake) Northwest Australian Shelf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Norwegian Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Ob-Irtysh (River (basin)) Oder (River (basin)) Ogasawara Islands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Ogowe (River (basin)) Ogun (River (basin)) Okavango (River (basin)) Ombrone (River (basin)) Onega River (River (basin)) Onilahy (River (basin)) Orange (River (basin)) Oriental (Zoogeographic realm) Orinoco (River (basin)) Ormoc Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Oti (River (basin)) Ouémé (River (basin)) Oum Er-Rbia (River (basin)) Oyashio Current (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Pacific Central-American Coastal (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Pacific Ocean (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Pagbilao Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Palawan/North Borneo (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Palearctic (Zoogeographic realm) Pampana (River (basin)) Panay Gulf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Panguil Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Papaloapan/Yucatán Complex (River (basin)) Pará-Tocantins (River (basin)) Paraguay (River (basin)) Paraná (River (basin)) Patagonian Shelf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Patos Lagoon (Lagoon) Pearl River (China) (River (basin)) Pearl Seamount (Seamount) Pechora (River (basin)) Peng-hu Island (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Penobscot Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Periyar (Lake) Persian Gulf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Peru-Galapagos Waters (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Phoenix/Tokelau/Northern Cook Islands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Pilcomayo (River (basin)) Plateau Seamount (Seamount) Polynesian Waters (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Pongolo (River (basin)) Pra (River (basin)) Prince Edward Islands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Professor Mesyatzev Seamount (Seamount) Puget Sound (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Purús (River (basin)) Quicombo (River (basin)) Ragay Gulf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Raita Bank (Seamount) Rapa-Pitcairn (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Raraga (River (basin)) Red River (River (basin)) Red Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Rhine (River (basin)) Ria de Arousa (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Rio Grande (River (basin)) Rio Grande/Bravo Complex (River (basin)) Rokel (River (basin)) Rooivlei Laagte (River (basin)) Ross Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Ruerhmen River (River (basin)) Ruki River Region (River (basin)) Rusizi (River (basin)) Sabaki (River (basin)) Sabi (River (basin)) Saint John (River (basin)) Saint Paul (River (basin)) Saint Rogatien Bank (Seamount) Sakhalin Island (River (basin)) Sala y Gomez (Seamount) Salish Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Salmon Bank (Seamount) Saloum (River (basin)) Salween (River (basin)) Samar Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Samoa Islands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) San Miguel Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) San Pedro Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Sanaga (River (basin)) Sangha (River (basin)) São Francisco (River (basin)) Sardinia Island (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Sargasso Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Sassandra (River (basin)) Saya de Malha Bank (Seamount) Scarcies (River (basin)) Scotia Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Scotian Shelf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Sea of Azov (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Sea of Japan/East Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Sea of Marmara (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Sea of Okhotsk (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Sehnkwehn (River (basin)) Seine (River (basin)) Senegal (River (basin)) Sewa (River (basin)) Seychelles (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Seychelles Islands (River (basin)) Sfax Region (River (basin)) Shabeelle (River (basin)) Shark Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Shihtsao River (River (basin)) Shiliao River (River (basin)) Shire (River (basin)) Sicily Island (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Sierra Madre Occidental Complex (River (basin)) Sikao Creek (River (basin)) Sofia (River (basin)) Sofronio Española (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Sogod Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Somali Coastal Current (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Sorsogon Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) South Brazil Shelf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) South China Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) South Georgia (Sea/Bay/Gulf) South New Zealand (Sea/Bay/Gulf) South Orkney Islands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) South Scotia Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) South Shetland Islands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) South West Australian Shelf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Southeast Australian Shelf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Southeast Madagascar (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Southeast U.S. Continental Shelf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Southern Grand Banks - South Newfoundland (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Southern Gulf of Mexico (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Southern Java (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Southern Palawan (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Southern Red Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Southern Rift Valley Lakes (Lake) Southwest Chilean Waters (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Sponge Seamount (Seamount) Spratly Islands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) St. Lawrence (River (basin)) Star Seamount (Seamount) Strait of Georgia (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Strait of Magellan (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Stylaster Seamount (Seamount) Suiko Seamount (Seamount) Sulawesi Sea/Makassar Strait (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Sulu-Celebes Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Sumjin (River (basin)) Sunda Shelf/Java Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Syrdar'ya (River (basin)) Taal Lake (Lake) Tagus (River (basin)) Tai-chung (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Tana River (River (basin)) Tanganyika (Lake) Tano (River (basin)) Tañon Strait (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Tanshui River (River (basin)) Tarim (River (basin)) Tasman Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Tawi tawi Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Tayabas Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Tennessee River (River (basin)) Three Kings-North Cape (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Tigris (River (basin)) Toba (Lake) Tonga Islands (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Tonle Sap (Lake) Tristan Gough (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Tsengwen River (River (basin)) Tsiribihina (River (basin)) Tuamotus (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Tubbataha Reefs (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Tung-hsiao (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Turnif Seamount (Seamount) Twin Banks (Seamount) Ubangui (River (basin)) Uélé (River (basin)) Ulugan Bay (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Umzimvubu (River (basin)) Upper Lualaba (River (basin)) Upper Orange (River (basin)) Ural (River (basin)) Uruguay (River (basin)) Vaal (River (basin)) Vanuatu (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Verde Island Passage (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Victoria (Lake) Visayan Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Vistula (River (basin)) Volga (River (basin)) Volta (Lake) Volta (River (basin)) Volta Delta (River (basin)) Waccamaw (Lake) Wagenia Falls (River (basin)) Wan-li-tung (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Weddell Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) West Bering Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) West Central Australian Shelf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) West Greenland Shelf (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Western India (Sea/Bay/Gulf) White Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) White Volta (River (basin)) Xi Jiang (River (basin)) Yangtze (River (basin)) Yellow River (China) (River (basin)) Yellow Sea (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Yenisei-Angara (River (basin)) Yili River (River (basin)) Youngsan (River (basin)) Yukon (River (basin)) Yun-gan (Sea/Bay/Gulf) Zambezi (River (basin)) Zanzibar & Pemba (River (basin)) Zapadnaya Seamount (Seamount) Ziway & Shala (Lake)

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