How to Disclose Brand Deals and Affiliate Links on YouTube — FTC Endorsement Guidelines

Affiliates Disclosure

Mark D. Sikes

I grew up in both the Midwest and South. My father instilled in me order, discipline and confidence; my mother balanced that with an appreciation for beauty, style and restraint. From these influences I developed an attention to detail and a strong passion for interiors, fashion and design.

In college I studied finance and economics fancying a life in international business, but ultimately fate had a different plan. I was drawn to a job in retail that years later evolved into a successful career in merchandising, store design and marketing for several well-known apparel and home retailers.

In 2011, I relocated to Los Angeles from San Francisco, started my interior design firm and I launched this, my lifestyle blog, a daily record of what inspires me – “chic people, glamorous places and stylish things.”

I started this blog merely as a creative outlet to talk about everything I love and that inspires me. The message and the content is really very simple, however the journey has brought so much joy. I’ve met so many amazing people; made so many new friends; and most important, the last few years have opened up my eyes even more. I see the world a bit differently now. It feels much more interesting and beautiful than before.

I like to think of my personal style as timeless yet spirited; simple, classic and All-American. This blog has become such a great, accessible way for me to share all the things I love with you: from stripes, white jeans and military jackets to chinoiserie, wicker and of course anything that is blue and white.

Thank you for joining me on the journey, let’s make it beautiful!

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Affiliates Disclosure
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2019 year
2019 year - Affiliates Disclosure pictures

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Affiliates Disclosure images

Affiliates Disclosure Affiliates Disclosure new pictures
Affiliates Disclosure new pictures

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Watch Affiliates Disclosure video
Watch Affiliates Disclosure video

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