35 Lovely Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

35 Romantic Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Half Up Twist

Keep things simple by twisting a section from each side of your bob and pinning them together at the back of your head. Adding some lazy waves to your hair beforehand gives your style a bit of extra texture without looking too perfect, while flowers tie your hair in with your bouquet and help to conceal any pins.

Braided Bangs Pixie

If you’ve got a pixie that’s longer in the front, this braided bangs style offers up the chance to wear romantic braids on your wedding day.

Forest Flower Crown

You’ve tried the Snapchat filter enough times to know you look amazing with a flower crown, so why not use your wedding day to wear the accessory in real life? Just style your bob in easy curls and this richly colored floral crown will do the rest of the work for your wedding day hairstyle.

Curly Bob With Headband

This style uses a big, statement headband to hold a curly bob in place, making this a pretty easy look to execute. Depending on the style of your gown and reception, you can go for a headband that’s anywhere from flapper-inspired to an avant-garde piece plucked from a runway show.

Natural Curls With Flowers

Natural curls provide the perfect sophisticated canvas for a laid-back wedding hairstyle, complete with a floral accessory that elevates the look without taking over.

Waterfall Braid Headband

A waterfall braiding technique creates this romantic headband that has pieces of your hair cascading through it. While anyone with a longer bob can wear this hairstyle on their wedding day, it looks especially eye-catching on strands with multidimensional color.

Bob Bouffant

This hairstyle features a big volume bouffant framed by rolled and pinned hair that’s swept back from the sides. If you’re hoping to have a ton of volume that won’t fall flat as the night goes on, use a filler accessory to provide structure your bouffant with structure.

Romantic Waves With Birdcage Veil

A simple hairstyle lets a statement accessory like this birdcage veil be the star of your wedding day hairstyle. Soft romantic waves don’t distract from the veil, but will look good on their own if you decide to remove it later in the evening.

Twisted Bangs Bob

If you’ve got a shorter hairstyle like this A-line bob, fulling curling your strands can make them look a little too voluminous. This look uses a curl in the middle of the hair’s length to provide some texture without making you look like a little girl. Finish the look off with twisted and braided bangs, and you’ve got a simple yet chic wedding hairstyle for short hair.

Pixie Curls With Headband

Gentle curls away from the face help to give structure to the longer pieces of your pixie, while elevating this wedding hairstyle from your everyday short-haired look. Use an embellished headband to add extra flash to your day, or go for something more casual if you’re after a breezy, boho style.

Half Up Pinned Rosettes

Big curls in the lower half of this bob give your wedding hairstyle tons of oomph for an ultra formal affair, while upper layers get pinned back in pretty rosette shapes that will keep strands from falling in your face during photos.

French Twist Bob

A modified french twist secures your bob in a chic, low updo that suits just about any type of gown or wedding ceremony. If you want to add an extra pop of color to your shorter wedding hairstyle, try adding these golden blonde highlights for a sun-kissed look.

Vintage Curls Bob

This vintage-inspired hairstyle is the perfect compliment to a lace gown in a classic silhouette.

Floral Headband Pixie

With a tousled texture pixie and floral headband, this short wedding hairstyle is perfect for brides who want to add a little dose of romance and color to help elevate their wedding day style from an everyday look.

Braided Headband

Longer bobs offer up the perfect combination of hair that’s quick and easy to style but long enough to try a variety of braids. This headband style is ideal for pairing with a flowy, empire-waisted gown or minimalist silk shift dress.

Swept Up Natural Curls

Swept up natural curls create a super fun wedding day hairstyle for the upbeat bride who can’t stop smiling.

Low Twisted Updo

A series of twists keep your long bob secure in a low updo that looks fitting at both ultra-fancy and low-key weddings. If you’re on the fence between keeping your hair short or growing it longer, this style works well with a variety of lengths.

’40s Glamour Curls

Channel Jean Harlow with these glamorous vintage-inspired curls that can be pinned to the side with or without a bold accessory.

Fairy Braided Updo

This braided updo with gorgeous flower embellishments is perfect for a spring wedding in the forest or a casual backyard affair. Leave a few tendrils of hair loose around the face to add a casual feel and face-framing flair to this shorter wedding hairstyle.

Close Crop With Headband

If you like to keep your hair in a very close cropped pixie, your wedding day hairstyle will look ultra sophisticated with a demure headband.

Twisted Headband

This ultra simple wedding day hairstyle is so quick and easy, you or one of your bridesmaids will have it looking perfect in just a few minutes.

Swept Back Chignon

This swept back hairstyle creates a chignon for short hair that looks stylish and elegant, perfect for a black tie wedding and a sophisticated satin gown.

Side Pinned Lob With Curls

If you want to feel special on your wedding day without making your morning hairstyling into a marathon event, these simple curls make a long bob look chic, while a floral accessory adds a definitively bridal touch.

Loose Low Updo

There’s an art to pinning hair loosely in place so that it looks soft and romantic but won’t come undone while you dance the night away. If you’re attempting this style on your own, remember that large amounts of pins and hairspray are must-haves.

Side Parted Pixie

If you usually style your pixie forward, adding a deep side part can help to make your very short hairstyle look a little bit different on your wedding day.

Half Up Dutch Braid

This dutch braid has been gently pulled apart to give it lots of volume and definition, while the rest of hair is softly curled to create a super romantic wedding hairstyle.


Tucked Under Twist

This simple half up style is just the right amount of messy, making it a good wedding day hairstyle for short haired ladies who want to look cute and casual.

Side Pinned Waves

For a glamorous, vintage-themed wedding, a simple side-pinning will keep your wavy bob hairstyle looking perfect but not too overdone. If you’re looking for a vintage hair clip to keep your hair pinned to the side all evening, try looking through thrift stores for brooches that can be turned into hair accessories.

Natural Curls Bouffant

Styling your natural curls back and away from your face can help to make sure your features aren’t overshadowed on your big day.

Tucked Under Bob

Soft romantic curls make this loosely tucked-under bob look like ethereal magic. Accessorize with a floral crown for an outdoor wedding, or add an embellished headband for a more formal, indoor affair.

Simple Folded Chignon

An elegant  hairstyle for an understated bride, this low chignon is the epitome of grace and simplicity.

Fishtail Braided Bob

Looking for a hairstyle that will have your short hair looking perfect for a beach ceremony? This fishtail braid adds some texture to your wedding day look that’s both romantic and beach appropriate.

Retro Waves Pixie

If you’re looking for a pixie wedding hairstyle that fully commits to a vintage theme, these retro waves bring all of the flapper glitz and glam you could hope for.

French Braided Bangs

This french braided half-up hairstyle offers some Victorian flair without looking completely antique, and leaves some of your bouncy bob loose to add a fun and relaxed element to your wedding day look.

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35 Romantic Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair
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Watch 35 Romantic Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair video

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